Anonymous asked: hi! i'm frank :) thank you so much for the blog/post! :) is it ok to use some of ur pics? hope it is :)

Hello, Frank! Sure. Just don’t forget to put some credits please. Will be back for more soon!

hey guys! Check out Gibbs’ hot wings here in cebu!

  September 20, 2014 at 10:24am

Anonymous asked: Where in Cebu was that Korean lunch you had with your love?

Ohmen. Sorry for the late reply.
That was in chosun chicken(mango ave.). They’ve got a lot of branches in Cebu! 😀 go go go!

  September 14, 2014 at 07:41pm

Can someone here hook me up with ebooks or pdf of medical books? Please?

Especially Biochemistry: The Molecular Basis of Life Updated Fifth Edition

and any book that can help me with college of Medicine :(

I am desperate. I don’t know how to download from the internet. :(((((

Gibbs’ Hot Wings



Decided to try this new place in town for the boyf’s pre-birthday celebration! He loves hot wings so we just have to try them hot wings. And spicy food? HA! it’s calling my name!


Had original hot wings and potato wedges. They’re really affordable, you guys. Everything was worth the price! The potato wedges are heaven! Really, trust me. It’s really good you just have to try it yourself. They’re cooked perfectly, crispy on the outside and really malaman on the inside. The spiciness of the original hot wings is no sweat for us at all! Hahaha Though there were some (2) wings which wen’t cooked properly. I mean, under cooked. But it was still ok. Everything was cooked to perfection. As people who have had hot wings at different places, we can really say that there is still room for improvement. I’m not saying it’s bad, it’s pretty good for a place just starting to compete with other tons of restaurants here in Cebu. I want my wings to be tasty on the outside and also on the inside. But I think they can improve this. I see potential. The dipping sauce is the perfect combination for them wings.


Original Hot Wings at P175.00


Potato Wedges at P75.00

They’ve also got wings in white sauce which is popular to most female costumers or to anyone who aren’t a fan of spicy food. They’ve got spag n’ meatballs and in carbonara sauce. The next time I visit the place, hashtag almasna on what to order. Also, they have mozzarella sticks.

and of course, the said original hot wings was no challenge for us. Therefore, we have to order the one in intensity 5! I can now taste the spiciness, that’s a good thing.


They’ve got a small place that can hold up to 20 people, as I estimated. They’re planning to have a delivery service very soon so it’s a yay! for the busy people! Did I mention they use magazine pages for a place mat? Scroll up and inspect previous photos.




And what more way to end the meal than vandalizing someone else’s  wall. ;) You can write anywhere, really. Even the doors, windows and ceiling are full of written notes and names, also testimonies.

Situated in the Holy Family Village II in Banilad, Cebu City. Owned by a really nice guy named Frank. It’s really not tricky to go there by yourself and the sign is kinda big for you not to notice it. To clarify, it’s G-I-B-B-S-*apostrophe*. As in Gibbs’ hot wings.

Degree 9

Caramel macchiato + Chicken sandwich  


My first time to try one! I’ve been wanting to try this since the girls from “Tasty Road” show featured an affogato of a certain store. The sweetness and bitterness is just perfect! Just like the sweetness and saltiness of salted caramel flavored food!

An ice cream + coffee is all we need! What more can you ask for? Glucose and caffeine to help me memorize the gross anatomy of the neck.

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